Filming a scene

We write, produce, film, and edit Indie Films with a unique vision. We specialize in: horror, surreal, absurd, dark comedy, and thought-provoking films. Browse through our site to find information about past, current, and upcoming projects.

Astral Pictures was started in the summer of 2001 when Chris Cunningham and Danny Pelletier decided to make a movie that made fun of all of the terrible horror movies they were watching. Admittingly, our first movie turned out to be awful as well, but it laid the foundation for future endeavors and sparked an interest that continues to this day.

It was also a fun learning experience to be running around the streets at one in the morning with a giant plastic pumpkin duct taped to my head, going into a bar with a bright red cape and a birthday hat and interviewing people, and having a retarded zombie ride a bicycle to get around - all while being filmed. There's nothing as exciting as seeing an idea in my mind being finally played out on the screen.

Filming a scene

We have 6 short films under our belts, a handful of short and feature-length screenplays, and various other media experience including promos, a music video, public access television productions, and editing jobs.

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Welcome horror fans! I wanted to create a community for fellow fans of the genre - a place where we can meet and discuss our interests. A community forum is a goldmine of user-created content, opinions, and facts that will entertain and inform visitors. This forum is a refuge for those people who want a sense of community, and who enjoy sharing their knowledge with others.

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